At Ambulu we want to change the world - one cup at a time!

Over 300 million tons of plastic waste is thrown away each year, and around 30 million tons of that ends up in the ocean - causing immeasurable damage to marine life.

Most disposable coffee cups are difficult or impossible to recycle, as they combine cardboard and plastic layers which are not easily separated.  And worldwide we use around 100 billion of them every year.

We want to play our part in moving towards a more sustainable future.  So we came up with an idea - let's develop a reusable coffee cup that looks great, is robust and goes in the dishwasher, and contains no plastics.  So the Ambulu Cup was born.

And then we thought - what if buying an Ambulu Cup could actually make a positive difference to the world, to tangibly make it a better place.  So we joined up with International Tree Foundation.  Every Ambulu Cup sold directly funds the planting of 1 new tree in Africa.  So every customer is directly enabling the planting of 1 tree in ITF's 20 Million Trees project.  Recreating lost forests, and helping local communities.  How cool is that?

Ambulu. More Cup, Less Waste!

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